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From DFW, TX — 08/28/2008

Have being a member of a loyal AAA family I was excited to see the field sales agent opportunity at AAA. After meeting with the management team as well as the VP it was apparent that AAA was serious about growth in Texas and determined to create the same image that the Auto Club in Southern California has been able to maintain for years.
I have read many negative ratings about AAA specifically in Texas and felt the need to express what life as a field sales agent is really like. I will admit that this position can be stressful, but I have never encountered anyone who works in a SALES position whose job does not include pressure and accountability. The recent changes in the compensation plan have created the opportunity to earn a higher income than ever before. I am proof that if you work hard you can absolutely earn over $100K even in your first year as a commissioned agent. What other insurance agency can offer that? I will also admit that there are a lot of long hours involved, but I take pride in my work and am willing to commit the extra time in order to ensure a high level of accuracy which in turn adds to my income. I have also found that if you work hard and exceed monthly goals management is willing to accommodate time off in order to improve work/life balance.
Benefits are superior to any company I have ever worked for. For the first time I am working for a company that still matches a portion of 401K.
As the poster previously mentioned, respect is EARNED by management. I have witnessed my manager pay respect to those who work hard and dedicate themselves to their position. Those who do not seem to care about their work and come in, miss goals and try to scrape by on the minimum standards and minimal income do not have respect from management. In my opinion they do not deserve respect.
Every night I listen to my spouse complain about their job. I realize daily that I am blessed to work for a company who is truly invested in the success of their sales force. I work in an environment that is actually fun. I am working with a high producing team and enjoy spending time with my coworkers. It is so exciting to work with a team who is all focused on the same goal and heading the same direction... UP!
In this economy many companies are down sizing and closing. While AAA is growing and expanding. I do not have the fear that I may be laid off tomorrow.
Just like everyone else I have the choice to get up and go to work everyday and make the most of my life. I CHOOSE to work for AAA and enjoy it more and more every day!
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