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From Dallas — 08/27/2008

I have been a commissioned sales agent for about 2 years now. I have seen many changes from year to year. Like many have said before this job is difficult but the pay is outstanding I don't have a college degree but I make more than many of my friends who have degrees. Every day it seems like many companies are laying off people or down-sizing meantime AAA continues to grow. My family and I are lucky that I have the opportunity like the one I have at AAA. I have seen a couple of agents come back to AAA because they did not find better opportunities.

Many of the agents that have left the company did not quite grasp the concept of working at a pace that allows them to maximize this new payplan. I can only speculate who wrote some of the feeback on this site before this and they were not very productive agents. (FACT: great individuals but not productive) What helps me is that I really don't get involved in rumors or gossip. I only have one thing on my mind when I go in and that is to my job to the best of my ability. The benefits are excellent, the location is good, my co-workers are good and I feel like I EARN my respect from my manager. The greatest part about my job is that every 2 weeks I write my own paycheck and don't have a set salary, I get paid based on my performance. 100% commission is designed by nature to reward the hardest working, most productive people so that is why I choose to stay here. I don't believe that this job is for everyone, especially those who do not have a good work ethic.

I have seen many agents come and go, those who have stuck around have alot of great qualities especially mental toughness. Some of the newer agents seem to have a good head on their shoulders so when they ask me for advice I tell them that their is no substitute for heard work, keep out of gossip and think about what motivates them most, for me that is buying a bigger house for my family.

Like any job this one has its ups and downs but for the most part its a good place to work. I know everyday that I have a choice on whether or not I want to be here and every day I have made the choice to continue to work here. Everyday I make a choice to be successful. That's my .02 cents
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