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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Oklahoma City — 06/21/2010

I love my job. The company culture is excellent Our products are the best in the industry. The officers are engaged in the company, the owner is intimately involved in our success, there is a healthy team atmosphere with internal competition based on levels of creativity and productivity. We are agile - able to roll with changes in the industry and reshape the group to take advantage of the latest opportunities. I am respected as an individual, and have upward mobility as in any good meritocracy. But it's not just a well-oiled machine. The people there are my friends, and we are working toward common goals that will benefit us all and our families. It's Monday morning, and I'm ready to be at work - alert and reaching forward to the next morsel of success that continue to foster the growth of an organization that has changed my life and that I hope to be a part for a long time to come.
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