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From Raleigh,NC — 08/27/2009

I work at AC Moore in North Carolina and I have to disagree with the majority of the complaints on this website. I have worked with a number of managers throughout the years, and have found that our current store manager is one of THE BEST managers I have ever worked with. He always treats his employees with respect and courtesy, and goes out of his way to make everyone feel valued. Like many retail stores, AC Moore cannot function unless the entire staff works together as a team, and so, if you are not a "team player", you may find the team atmosphere at AC Moore to be difficult to adjust to. In addition, retail work can be physically demanding at times, so if you are primarily used to working in an office and sitting at a desk all day, I don't recommend this type of work, unless your job is restricted to cashiering. As far as "advancement opportunities" within the store, generally hard-working people, with a good attitude (towards customers and co-workers) do not go unnoticed by management. All in all, I would recommend working at AC Moore to anyone who enjoys arts and crafts and helping customers - who by the way, are usually very, very nice people!
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