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From North Carolina — 01/28/2009

There is nothing special about the pay at AC Moore I have worked there for many years now, when it was owned by Mr. Parker and was not public there was concern about the employee, now that they went public the concern is for the stockholder the man at the top Lepley recieved a half a million dollar incentive package to stay while all the little things that serve the mass of employees like coffee in the break room are all being taken away. They have cut staff in half , they now have employees as MOD's who close the store and take on a massive repsponsiblity for no pay increase. They give fancy titles to their jobs to make it seem important. There is no job security, unless you want to be a manger there is no job growth , the only thing that keeps me there are the wonderful and talented people who still work there. The manager that I have is a great one but he has to follow the crap passed down from the top.
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