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From Florida — 01/18/2010

I was a Field Consultant for corporate stores. 7-Eleven's a wonderfully ethical company...but it was an unbelievably difficult job! I was in my stores NLT 6:30am every morning. Then I never sat down to think until 5:30pm, when I would begin my daily paperwork & planning and stay usually until 8pm. That was 6 days a week. Then frequently the 7th day required participation in a 7-Eleven community event such as a ".walk for charity", I was on-call 24/7 and with my store mgrs working 100 hrs/week, and with over 100 employees, I was always under stress. .Because I had an outstanding resume, I came into 7-Eleven under a special program that expected outstanding performance. They got it...but it nearly killed me! Serious Evaluation was daily as there were numerous measurable quotas, audits, & reports. There was ZERO discrimination against women...the work environment was fair...but extremely difficult! If you're the type of person who likes "operations" instead of "sales" and likes to constantly be on the run, this is the job for you. Boredom was non-existant. "Politics" didn't exist either. 7-Eleven doesn't care if you're charming, or witty, or motivating. Can you work on your feet over 100 hrs/week and be on call 24/7? And can you work under constant stress, always feeling as though you're running 3 weeks behind? Can you produce outstanding results? Can you spend 100% of your thoughts on your 7_Eleven performance? Then this is the job for you. The pay is OK and you'll be treated fairly.
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