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Job Security5
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From Alberta — 06/07/2009

Pay: Start around 11. Been there a while, took a couple easy tests to get 'certified' and now I make $15 2 years later. More the decent pay for a part time university student.

Respect: I have a great manager who has a lot of respect for her staff but I know that it's a rarity. As per customers, find another job if your looking for respect from them.

Beneifts: I get most of my dental/vision from my university so I am not sure of the quality, but I do know it's offered.

Job Security: Lets be realistic: You have to be really stupid to get fired from this job.

Work/life balance: Always willing to accomodate my schooling. Then when summer rolls around I'm guaranteed full time hours. I have a good manager though, and I know that there are some pretty bad one's out there who will abuse your kindness if you let them. It's a toss up really.

Career Potential: They like to promote within the company so there's tons of room for advancement. Though being on call 24/7 when you're on salary is pretty stupid if you ask me.

Location: Walk a block and you'll probably find one.

Co-worker competence: Lots of stupid people. Some cool people though. It can be hard to understand some of the newer immigrants, but they're usually good enough workers anyway.

Work environment: 711's do tend to get robbed. Haha.
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