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From Tempe, AZ — 08/22/2010

What the fuck? Are all you guys high? I don't understand why the hell you don't like this job. You are getting paid $11 an hour to sit on your ass all day and be around computers. I love this job. The only thing I can't stand is faggots like you who complain about it. Why don't you get your ass out and go work at McDonald's or something if you don't like it here. The reason you aren't getting any respect is probably because your stats suck shit. Get them up, and actually show some damn effort and then maybe you will get some respect. I have been working here for about 3 weeks and I love it. I enjoy getting paid for something I like, and something I am good at. I am a full time student, and have this job, so don't bitch about not having enough time for it.
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