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From New York City — 06/16/2010

I worked with 24 Seven as freelance talent from 2000-2001 when the company was quite new in the industry & with only their NYC office.

I recall receiving a call back shortly after submitting my CV requesting an interview at which time I met with the company's president & top placement agent. In that meeting my career goals & the names of potential employers were discussed and within two weeks I was placed at Liz Claiborne which I subsequently left for another position I secured on my own.

When that opportunity did not pan out as expected, I immediately contacted the agent who previously placed me & within a week I was placed in a suitable position with another industry leader. With both opportunities I was offered full time permanent positions but declined for personal reasons.

My overall experience with the company was extremely professional from agents to the companies that I was placed with. I am aware that the company has changed since that time however I think the unprofessional service described in the previous reviews is really a reflection of the agent's character & not the entire company.
I also think it's only important to keep in mind that the industry, like many others, has suffered tremendously from the global recession and the abundance of opportunities that existed in the early part of this decade just aren't there anymore.
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