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From New York, NY — 09/25/2010

I've had a very positive experience with 24 Seven when I worked with them for more than two years from 2007 -2010. I've worked with several of the recruiters from the company, and they have all been professional and knowledgeable. The first company I got placed with was a good fit skill wise and personality wise, and I found I enjoyed freelancing because I had a greater work / life balance.

When that position finally ended, I had to wait a few weeks for something else to open up. I got helpful feedback from one of the recruiters about a computer program I could learn to increase my skills and get more work. After taking classes, I got placed in another position. It was a well-known company, and I don't know if I would have been able to get an interview there on my own, but the agency was able to get me in the door because of their relationship with the client.

24 Seven also placed me at the company I am currently working for now- I started off freelancing and when a position opened up within the company I was hired full time.

Fashion design is a very competitive industry. But if you are skilled and work hard and are helpful to the clients, 24 Seven is going to be a great resource to you. And the benefits they offer freelancers is a plus. I would definitely work with them again in the future.
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