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3.7Rating Details
Job Security2
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Corona, Ca — 07/28/2009

Pay. terrible. minimum wage if you dont break commision. i broke commision almost eevry time. buti had to scrach and beg and look like a chump doing it. respect ... good to go on that. every 1 is a frind here. all trign to make a living. BENIFIFTS?!?!?! WHERE!!!!! SHOW ME!!! job security,.,, heh ull quit befor u get fired homeslice. work life.. is good to go.. upbeat gym. groth? yea theres groth if u sell the right things. i got promoted.. demoted then promoted... lawl. location... they are always in good spots. compete... yes we all have fun doing it... who can make them come in.. and who can sell. work environment is sweet. gotta love the eye candy. overall... i dont really need to maeke money. im doing this till i goto into the service. to server my country in a different way then health awarness. marines... they kick ass.. trust me.. u work here you will understand
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