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From FL — 06/01/2010

I love this company and everyone I have worked with over the years has been wonderful. Other than a random bad day here and there, my experience has been nothing but positive. I have been treated so well, my coworkers and I respect and admire each other. My coworkers are my friends, my family. And not in the way these people describe "the family", which is ridiculous. If your mom or son or daughter needed a job and this company offered, I bet you would tuck that little tail under your legs, delete those posts and take it. We are a large company but still interact like a small company. Everybody knows everybody but my relationships through all of these years has been drama-free. So I have to think that if someone is having a problem and feels so negatively about the company or the people, that it MUST be YOU. Those are the type of people who hate their lives so much that they actually get on this site and rant and rave about a job they are lucky to have. Don't come on here and post... QUIT. LEAVE. GO. No one is making you stay. And I'll bet nickles to dollars, you will hate your next job too. Do you know why? It's because this is an amazing company from a professional standpoint and a personal one-- and YOU can't even recognize that. It's kind of sad really. I hope you can someday stop being the whiney, mean, needy, miserable people you are so you can realize how great you have/had it here. I'm going to share a secret with you now... It's so simple, if you do your work, all of your work, do it right and do it on time, and interact in a USEFUL way (the whining doesn't count as useful feedback by the way), and learn as much as you can, then you would LOVE this company. Intelligent people seem to find no problem recognizing what an outstanding company this is in every way. I plan to work here for as long as I work and I am happy and appreciative of my job here everyday. Good luck with your impending job-hopping adventure. Come back here and post to let me know how it goes. I can always use a good laugh.
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