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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth3
Work Environment2

From Florida — 10/27/2009

Pay : The company definately underpays most, even those who are qualified with degrees. Bonuses are just about gone for each department now. You are very lucky to get a review, then even luckier to get a raise afterwards. I feel exceptionally bad for those who used to get their gain share bonuses, and now those are gone. Those were the bonuses for the people who brought worked in revenue departments. Fortunately most of the people in those groups are hourly, so they can get overtime (if approved). Supervisors, Manager's, OFM's, and Director's are highly overworked and usually are not getting paid for the hours they put in except for some Directors, especially if you are a Director and part of the "Argentina Family".

Respect : The respect is "ok" but it could be much better. I believe most people do work hard at this company, and the company has great potential but the company is in desperate need of staffing changes mostly in upper management since some of the processes for certain groups in the company are quite rediculous. Until the company makes these changes with staffing, respect is not something to put a gold star on for this company.

Benefits : Are "ok". Typical to most other companies.

Job Security : This is the companies strongest area, and it is quite sad that this is the companies strongest area. Cancer will never go away, and with the amount of elderly people in Florida, AZ, NV, etc Cancer Treatment will always be happening. The company is always acquiring new offices and building a couple offices each year if not more. Depending on the medicare cut, Job Security in this company is as good as you can find in our current ecnomic state.

Work/Life Balance : If you are hourly, it really does not matter. You work your 40 hours or overtime if it's approved. As for those poor souls on salary who are depended on, it's stressful due to the poor management, bad orginaztion, rediculous processes, understaffing, and the list goes on! If you are a Director, chances are you are getting paid to work the 60 hour weeks. For those in middle and lower management, some work 60 hours a week and do not get paid enough and probably have no life at home because the company does not staff appropriately and quite frankly some departments are very top heavy or do not have enough or the correct management at the top.

Carrer Potential/Growth : This area is really defined based mostly on who you know and not how much you know. Even with Vestar buying the company, the Argentina Family still runs most of the show. A few in the family know what they are doing, and the other's do not and quite frankly can be pretty disrespectful. There is a Director from "The Family" in just about ever key department. There have been some that have done exceptional at their jobs and have moved up. I believe it just depends first on who you know, secondly on timing, and lastly on knowledge.

Location : Depending on which of the 250 offices you work at, it could go either way. I live in a decent area, so I can't complain.

Co-Worker Competence : The people I work around generally do an exceptional job and do as much as they can. Although the placement of employees in their job roles is a real question mark. I have seen departments such as Purchasing & IT not gain any new staff members while the company continues to acquire more and more offices, and they are still stuck with the same staff if not less. I feel bad for those departments who for the most part work hard and are overwhelmed to the point things are missed and the job performance is not good. You cannot continue to grow and not expand your staff, especially support staff such as Purchasing & IT who help provide service and materials to keep the company floating..barely. This really does affect co-worker competence due to the fact that there is so much work, and not enough staff to keep the company in a stable state.

Work Enviorment : If I could put one word to describe the work enviorment it would be "Chaotic". Everyone moving quickly, jumping on one thing to the next because the company is not staffed correctly. OFM's in high volume offices working for a low wage up to 60 hours a week, calling the IT Dept for help and not getting help because they are so overwhelmed, Purchasing not being able to get things done in a timely matter because they only hired one new employee in the past 5-6 years, Payment Poster's working so fast they make error's to get payments posted in time and then being scolded if it's not done in time. The morale is at an all time low especially since there is no bonus for almost all departments now, but I gaurentee you the Director's will get their share. Don't get me wrong, it's usually the case for most good sized company enterprises anyway. Here is something to back up the staffing issue as well. You look at the IT Department, they have a CIO, five directors, three managers, and three supervisors, and around 20 regular staff members. Talk about top heavy! Again, good luck at getting exceptional help from the IT Dept since they are very understaffed and can barely keep up and take any calls especially at the help desk. Again, the purchasing department at just about the same staff level for about 5-6 years with the company growth being 50% larger than it was 5-6 years ago. Human Resources being at a staff level of 10-12 employees supporting more than 200 medical offices and about 500 corporate workers. The general Financial Services group having only a handful of manager's or supervisor's and well over 100 employees to manage. This is basically why the work enviorment has the worst rating. The Board of Directors and CEO need eventually see that the company is understaffed and could implode.

Overall, for me it's just a job. I only stay because of the job security. I have my College Degree and once I find something else with decent job security, I am out and never looking back.
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