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From Fort Myers, FL — 08/24/2009

What a terrible place to work. Dr Dosoretz, Madlyn Dornaus and the rest of the senior management team have no management skills and only care about how much money they make. Dr Dosoretz is too busy flying around the country in his private company plane. Dr Dosoretz won't even look or talk to a regular employee.
The company thinks only the physicians are important. The physicians all go to reteats at luxury resorts. I'd like to see the physicians do all the work instead of sitting on butts collecting a fat paychecks and bonuses. The patients would be angry if they knew how much was wasted at this company instead of the cost of the treatments starving lifetime savings accounts.
Meanwhile the rank and file are getting furloughs and layoffs. No raises for two years and no bonuses for the employees. Employees have no reason to work hard and most are just waiting for the economy to turn around to leave. Rumors are that another 10% of the workforce is going to be laid off by the end of the year. The patients will suffer and more will leave to get treatments at better run companies. I also hope that Obama healthcare plan has better review over excess treatments for patients.
If you are thinking about coming to work at this company, don't make the mistake that I did. If you are a company thinking about merging with this company, think about how you will no longer have any say on how your employees will be treated.
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