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From Fort Myers FL — 05/31/2009

I cannot believe some of the posts I have read regarding this company. I am very satisfied with every aspect of my job. The pay is good. The benefits have decreased some over the last year, but in light of the economy - what is to be expected? I have had no problem with the medical coverage I have received in the many years I have worked for this company with very little out of pocket expense. All the ranting and raving going on in these other posts must be from underqualified, unhappy ex employees.

I work hard for my pay. I am willing to go above and beyond, and this is not taken advantage of in my opinion. I have great respect for the owner of this company. He has earned everything through hard work and I'm sure had a lot of obstacles to overcome. The company does place high value on family and I appreciate that. It is not something to be taken advantage of.
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