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From North Florida — 04/29/2009

I was hired many years ago with a number of trainees in auto claims. The company has been through a lot since that time and I have seen a lot of employees come and go. Employess with a work ethic have thrived while those with an entitlement mentality have languished and of course blame everyone but themselves. They should go work for the new government or stand in the handout line at the local government office. No, I take that back, then my taxes would be paying for them to continue to sit on their backside and whine.

I have had about a half dozen managers, some good and some not so good. Even though times are tough I still believe that if I do my job, learn more each day and support my manager and the company that I will continue to grow professionally. I have great respect for how my managers have stayed steady during the tough times over the last few years. I have far less respect for 6 or so of my co-workers who need to leave and take their bad attitudes with them; they are dragging everyone down. I am however confident that management is doing what they can to get these negative people gone and on their way to the local landfill. I too have had a bad attitude in the past; it got me nowhere and only hurt my advancement. I am grateful management gave me yet another chance to be the professional that I know I am. Claims is a tough business and you need to be tough and have a good work ethic to do well. Without a work ethic you will fail; you will fail not your managers or your co-workers, you and you alone.

I am grateful to have a job and what's more a career.
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