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From Pittsburgh, PA — 04/21/2010

Been with the company a few months. I've already risen to be a top performer in my market. I came in with very little sales experience. Basically i worked as a cell phone rep at a mom & pop shop. They trained me their way, which was a little different at first, but i stuck to it and am seeing success. I make a very decent paycheck each week so long as i had a good sales week. It's been pretty regular with the exception of a few weeks earlier in the year that i blame on weather. The manager is focused on improved close rate and talking to every customer. It's really pretty simple actually. If you like talking to people (I do), then talking to everyone that walks through the door isn't too hard. You will get hits or sales. My focus is to get better and to close more people. There is often OT available if you want it. I take advantage when i'm able and try to squeeze extra sales. We really sell an awesome product and a lot of customers are already familiar with FiOS so it makes it easier. Benefits are average i think, but this is the first time, i've ever had a job with them. I do look forward to growing with the company. i've heard that many reps have been promoted to managers through the company and want to stick with it to the next level. My co-workers and the verizon staff are fun and we look for ways to have a good time while working. Overall, this is the best job i've had so far and it more than pays my bills.I've learned about goal setting and definitely matured a bit since i started.
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