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From Carbondale/IL — 07/30/2009

I worked for 20/20 in Southern Illinois for about 6 months. When I first stated, it was great, my GM was always helping and motivating me, working with the customers and the Verizon Wireless employees.
Then, the GM left (not sure what happened) and a new one was put in (he had been a Sales Rep and had been gunning for the GM job as long as I had been there, he was actually jumping for joy when they got rid of the first GM cause he knew that he was going to get the job). Things went downhill fast after the first GM left.

Pay: good, it is what you make it. hourly plus commission. If you approach customers and know the product, you can do good.

Respect: I would say it was +4 when the old GM was here. He would buy us lunch and work the floor with us, keeping us motivated, he also got along great with Verizon. After he left,the new GM talks to us like dogs and isn't very positive.

Benefits: I would say that they are about as good as any. nothing to write home about, but they work.

Job Security: Not much I would say, especially towards the end of my time there.

Work/Life balance: Good, I put in my 8 hours and went home.

Career Potential/Growth: I guess it would be ok, if you want to move across country.

Location: Location was great! The stores were only about 15 minutes apart.

Co Worker Competence: We had some good reps, but they pretty much left after the first GM left (like I did)

Work Environment: Not bad, just stay out of the verizon sales persons way if they are working on a sale.

All in all, could have been a great job, they changed General Managers and it all went to heck in a handbasket.
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