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From Chicago, IL — 10/19/2010

This is a young company. They are still trying to figure out if they will be pro-employee or anti-employee.

Every memo seems to make a new policy that they state "is to get you home safely at night" but it is really just setting them up for zero liability in the case of an accident.

They pretend to listen to their employees by polls and surveys but take no action. They only send the surveys out to make it look like they care what the employees think.

The company pushes the employees to keep up an unrealistic pace of work while all the time "preaching" that home life and safety are the top priorities.
Rather than admit they simply push their employees too hard, they hit them with safety rules and act as if it is the employees fault.
i am afraid that this company is the wave of the future... hire younger people who dont know the difference in a good company and bad.... make them think it is a privilege to work there.... then take advantage of them at every turn.
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