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From Maryland — 04/22/2010

I LOVED my job at Record & Tape Traders. Absolutely LOVED it. I was an Assistant Manager at a few different locations during my time there. At the last location I worked at, the manager and I made the BEST team you've ever seen. The pay is pretty decent, I made the top scale for an ASM because I had been a DM elsewhere previously. There were two General Managers, Kitty and Heather. Kitty was the best boss I have ever had, and to this day, I still haven't had a boss quite like her. Heather, on the other hand, was the reason I quit. From the beginning, I was made aware that she has never been a DM, and while I think she was probably a great store manager, she was not prepared, and lacked the business sense a District Manager needs. When I first took on the last store I worked at, there was no manager (my manager came in about a week later from a different store), so I saw the needs for better merchandising, clean-up, etc. I took it on, made that store sparkle. Heather was by my side the entire time, and she was under the suspicion that a certain employee had been stealing. She had NO proof, no one admitted to seeing him, but there was a vibe about him she didn't like, so she put it on Kitty to can this kid. Months later, there had been dvd's missing from our "Adult" section, and for whatever reason, she decided to pin it on an employee who had been ther for years, and she canned him also. I was about to be transferred to another location, when she decided to shoot off a nasty e-mail to me, being condescending as ever, telling me how lucky I was to be given this opportunity, and by the way, she was extending my probationary period becuase of all the problems there were with my employees. REALLY?!? So all that fell on me, and ONLY me? I quit that day.
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