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Learn what employees have to say about Real Time Results pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From St. Louis MO — 03/30/2009

Pay: The starting pay is really better than most of your outsourse/Third-Party groups. Granted it wasn't a living wage for me, but that's more my issue than it was the company's.

Respect: I suffered a tragic loss in my family while employed with RTR. Several members of management, as well as several coworkers, attended the funeral I was at. As well, I was given a week of paid vacation, no questions asked, and was offered more time of if I needed it. It says a lot when a co-owner of the company shows up for something like that.

Job Security: Really, it was pretty hard to get canned while I was working there. It should also be noted that if you are doing your job and not being a complete screw-off, you won't have that problem with most companies.

Work/Life Balance: You have to take care of that yourself. You knew, more or less in advance, what your schedule would look lik for several weeks at a time. I seldom ever had a problem getting off work, and if you are a good worker who does his job....well, you get the idea.

Career Potential: If a higher-paying offer hadn't come up, I would have happily pursued a higher position there. However, keep in mind that like any third-party company, there is a ceiling you will encounter, and you are at the whims of your Employers. But RTR is a great company to get your feet wet in Telecom and good for people really wanting a change of pace.

Location: I didn't have any real problems with the South County location at all. All three spots are in good business areas and can be easily accessed throught the major highways.

Co-Worker Competence: About 50% of the people I worked with were bright, easy-going, and hard working. The other 50%....well, that's another story. I can say that most of the people I met were extremely professional while working and normal otherwise.

Work Enviornment: Overall, I can't complain. I've made a few lasting friendships there, and had a good repore with my other coworkers. The managers were supportive and kind but professional in every other respect.

Overall, I think RTR is the same as any other Outsource company. Yes, they have a high turn over rate and don't drug test. Some of the people they hire are hard to deal with.

But the complaints that most people have lodged are largely the same for any company. If you are thinking about going to work for Real Time Results, just go in without preconcieved notions and try to have a good time. All jobs suck. But there is still such a thing as "making the best of a bad situation" that a lot of people forget about.
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