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From Wauwatosa, wi — 02/25/2010

Raceline Motorworks was one of the best jobs I have had while it lasted. They eventually went out of business after 2 years. One year in Chicago and one here in Milwaukee, wi. The place was like a mix of Build-a-Bear and that other store for girls where they glitter them up and give them those little hannah montana headphones and stuff....Libby Lou. If you took those two stores and sprinkled some testosterone and add a pinch of Tim the Tool Man Taylor and whole lot of cars, you have Raceline Motorworks. It was like a collge students dream job come true. It was in the mall so I got to see everything from cute girls to all my friends coming in and saying hi. The managers were really cool, even though they will cock block you if they see you trying to talk to the opposite sex for too long, unless the managers were trying to talk to the ladies it was cool. basically the only downfall i saw. There was a race track in the middle of the store so that once you built your R/C car, you could hit the track and race against other customers, staff or just take some practice laps. The store even had an MC on the track (usually me 80% of the time) announcing for the races and whatnot, and a little commentary about what's going on in the store or out in the food court or just people passing by and trying to get them to come in. The coworkers were some of the coolest i've been around. Everyone worked hard and joked and it was a very laid back environment. The pay was actually quite decent, with everyone starting off at no less than $8 bucks an hour. Job security was pretty high the first 7 months the store was open because business was nonstop. Everyone wanted to come in a build, design and race their own r/c car or just run other people off the track with their new whip. Not only were the coworkers cool, but the regular customers who came in were just awesome. Every now and then you would get a jerk, but there were so many cool people coming in, you'd forget all about that in about 30 mins or less. But, all good things come to an end. Eventually business started to slow down and not everyone wanted to build a race car. Unlike Build-A-Bear, which has a lot of stores to depend on, Raceline only had two and one of the stores had to close and that was the one I worked at. The main reason it closed was because most of the cars just broke waaaayyyy to easily, and we pretty much everything from some cheap chinese vendor out in China. The funny part is, if you read the boxes some of the toys came in, it was nothing but broken english. We had a dinosaur toy there that was like the ugliest thing i'd ever seen and nobody wanted to buy it. I mean we had hundreds of these crappy dinos that would walk and roar and whatever and nobody wanted one, even when the price was dropped damn near 70%. I felt so sorry for the ugly little thing i almost bought one. Not to mention one of the managers tried to sale me one of the r/c cars that had everything modded on it for about $400, but i said no. Since i'm in the r/c hobby i knew it was junk, so i couldn't help the store out on that one. If the store owners would have gotten better products the store would have stayed open alot longer. Great place to work though, and i'd do it again if I could. This is one job (and also the temp job i had with the dnr back in high school) that i just loved coming too. Even though i worked hella hours there, i loved to be there racing cars, commentating on the mic, even getting free food from Cinnabun. This job rocked! If you ever see a Raceline Motorworks opening up in your city and are looking for a job go for it! Trust me, it's awesome. After they closed here, the Chicago store stayed open another half a year and that one soon went out of business also. I hear that Raceline is open in the Bahamas on cruise ships, but that was just a rumor I heard.
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