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From Apple Valley, MN — 06/24/2009

Pay is similar to other companies in the industry, but industry as a whole is low with new project managers starting in the mid-$30K (even with a master's degree). As is the case with most companies, IT pays the most.

Respect is difficult to earn and keep; it is highly dependent on who your manager is and in which department you work. The company was formed from the acquisition/merger of 4 companies and trust issues still remain.

Benefits have been reduced: no more 401K match, increased employee's portion of health insurance premium costs (which were already extremely high), no longer allowed to roll vacation time from year to year. The company does offer tuition reimbursement, but as an education company, the annual max is very low.

Job security is low in the past 2 years. The company has laid off nearly 60-70 employees and now has approximately 120 employees; however, none of the executives have been let go (2 of the 20 have left voluntarily).

Work/life balance is not discouraged, but it is not openly promoted. It is up to the individual to ensure they have balance. Long hours during the busy season (January-July) can be difficult to manage.

Career growth potential is limited as most of the VPs have been with the company for many years. In the last 5 years, 2 VP positions were created, but none of the existing positions have had openings.

Location is great if you enjoy the seasons. Apple Valley offers a wide variety of amenities.

Co-worker competence is high; unfortunately, decision making is only promoted and encouraged at the top level. Most all decisions require VP approval.

Work environment is somewhat de-motivating and very secretive. The rumor mill is very strong and usually right, but this is typically the only way people find out about company happenings, both positive and negative results.
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