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Learn what employees have to say about QualCare pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

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3.5Rating Details
Job Security2
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Piscataway, NJ — 07/16/2010

I was recently laid off from QualCare. We had about three temps in the department at the time and really didnít need them. One became permanent about a month ago. The other 2 were still there when I left. I would have thought the fair thing would have been was to offer the opening she is in, since the company obviously knew about the layoff.

I could have been trained for the position just as she was; however, it was the directorís decision and she obviously assumed I was not qualified. Would you believe my entire length at the company which is over 5 years, I have never taken a sick day, if thatís not loyalty what is? I arrived every day to work 5 to 15 minutes in advance and stayed late if needed. I loved my supervisor and co-workerís in the department. But the director, now thatís another story. What ever she couldnít get everyone had to suffer.

For instance, I left the department of training of a new system and knew I would eventually return back to my original department within a few months to a year. Some of the tools I needed for this training required knowledge from my director, however, due to her insecurities another co-worker and I had to return to our departments. The two of us were temporary replaced with about four temps who totally milked the company.

I really lost respect for the company when they laid me off three days prior to the month ending with no benefits remaining. It has been a month now shy of a couple of days and I have NOT received my personal belongings and was not allowed to go back and retrieve them. They told me it would be shipped UPS but it hasnít been packed yet and co-workers arenít allowed to pack it as it is the companyís responsibility. You would of thought than while planning an employee layoff the company would have calculated the severance pay and any unused time due me by now, but I havenít received that either. My last check was received about a week after the companyís pay day which a raise included. The check included six (6) months of a raise. This is something they do with their raise so that didnít surprise me as a review was always 5 to 6 months of you anniversary year.
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3.2Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth3
Work Environment3

From Piscataway — 02/15/2010

QualCare looks out for QualCare's bottom line and not their employees well being. How they made it to be a top NJ company once again is beyond me. Moral is down and it is hard to find one person with a smile on their face and that is happy to be there. Things change day by day and you never know what the new direction is going to be. They change policies to suit their needs. For example a bad weather policy was trumped because they had a delayed opening. So employees had to use their own time instead of getting paid for the day. Nevermind those who made it to work in the blizzard but were then forced to go home with an early closure, were not rewarded, but also had to use their own time. They work their employees until they break or get sick because they are so stressed out. Many departments are understaffed, which then adds additional burdens on already overworked employees. Management is simply staff which was promoted and as other stated in previous reviews, they lack people skills, management skills and simple technical skills. Some choose to hide beyond closed doors and leave the staff to fend for them selves. Some are in so over their head that you feel bad for them. Others get it and you get a glimpse of what a manager should be and wish that others would learn a thing or two. There are a few good eggs in the dozen, but they are far and few between. Nevermind the few good competent ones get dumped on because no one else is up for the task. The turnaround is unbelievable. As fast as new people are hired you have people quitting. I have never seen anything like it in my 15 years in the health care industry. Benefits are ok, however employee contributions nearly doubled this year, which I am sure has happened to other companies as well. 401 is decent as are other perks like a free onsite gym, fitness classes, yearly bonuses, coffee stations and lunch & learns. Pay is ok if you negotiate right. Many complain but I am satisfied. Working conditions are ok, cubicle like setting with managers and above in offices and the all mighty executives behind swipe only access, in the executive suite. You can compare it to the regular folks are like Costco and the executive suite like Saks 5th Avenue. If your ever lucky enough to have the privelage to go back there you will be amazed and leave you to wonder how much did that cost? You can visibly seet people are getting frustrated and many are job hunting. So if anyone is considering of applying to QualCare, I can only say stay away.
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