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3.2Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth1
Work Environment5

From Plano, TX — 07/19/2006

Pay: better get what you want when you come in the door, raises don't happen often
Respect: my supervisor treats me like crap and actually told me she had no interest in my career growth or in helping me succeed. I don't know that this is a company wide thing though. May just be her.
Benefits: benefits are fairly good but were cut this year and I can no longer afford to go to my dentist. time off policies are excellent however, as is 401k.
Job Security: there are no real HR policies here so there is always the fear of getting let go for no good reason. A colleague was fired at 4:00pm because "it just wasn't working out" and that was it (she worked here for 5 years too). There is no HR backup for disputes or issues.
Work/Life balance: excellent here. they don't even track time off!
Career potential: zero for the most part, company too small to offer much mobility. We actually had "promotions" a couple of months ago but they were mostly without pay raises and were in fact demotions because of a shift in structure (i.e. you were 2 people away from the top before, were promoted, but are now 3 people away from the top even though you were promoted). give me a break.
Coworker competence: seems like people don't get back to you on things here, don't complete tasks, don't attend meetings, and there is a general lack of communication. Very frustrating.
Work environment: very casual, nobody cares if you wear jeans on a Tuesday.
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