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From Toledo,OH — 04/29/2010

Hello everyone,

I have been employed by Page Plus for a couple of years now and I have to say that during that time I have seen this company turn its back on its customers and its own employees. I wasn't surprised when I read all the other comments on this site referring to this company. I can tell you that currently working here is a complete nightmare! The worst part is working with the customers that call in, yes I know that this job is based on customer service, but some of the people that call in are just horrible and wont listen to a word you say. Most of the time they call in and before even explaining what it is they are calling in for they immediately ask for an supervisor. Some just call in to argue with you and waste your time after you've already explained to them there is nothing you can do to help with there situation. But getting back to my review of the company itself well the pay is okay, the job security is about average although a lot of people quit all the time. (This is why you have to wait on hold for so long for customer service!!!) At night which is the shift that I work hundreds if not thousands of people are calling in nonstop. You barely can catch your breath without the customer thinking you hung up on them (Hello were human too we need to breathe and yawn and sip our soda , be patient dammit!!!)

Rating the Career Potential / Advancement

I have come to the conclusion that only those people who feel comfortable with "brown nosing" the management will ever have any chance of advancing in the company. As I am only working this job while I an in college I really don't worry about this as much. But its a little frustrating with a job this boring ,and maybe Its just me I hate talking to people on the phone. Unfortunately because of the current status of available jobs in Toledo,OH and the current state of the economy I have no choice but to continue working here for now.


As I have mentioned earlier don't expect a lot of respect working here either from your supervisors or the management. They will listen to what you say even pretend to take interest in your issue but it all ends the same you are ignored.


Although as an employee you will be eligible after 90 day probation for Health,Dental,Vision and Disability leave. But you will be paying from your own pocket every pay period just to have these. So if you need coverage by all means sign up but if you don't keep your money.

For the customers
Lastly I wanted to add some things to say to the customers of page plus, most of your are nice to speak with. But some of you need some serious anger management help, although no one is blaming you for being angry at page plus for whatever reason. Please try to refrain from taking it out on the CSR you may speak with. We CSR's take hundreds of calls everyday and some of use try to be as respectful as possible but you have to understand we have no control over anything. We cant press a button to give you your minutes back and now because of the new policies in effect the supervisors cant either. So please look into your heart and realize there is another person on the other side of that phone who hates the company as much as you do maybe more. But is a victim of circumstances beyond they're own control.

Well thanks for reading my post, have a great day!
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