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From Phoenix Az — 10/09/2008

The Bad News:

On average employees are paid 20% to 40% lower that what is industry acceptable for professional positions in my experience, in comparison to Compensations are based on pay for performance meaning that 60 to 80 hour work weeks are compared to others doing the same resulting in no compensation for extra effort if its the norm. Not meeting the norm can result in job stability issues. Benefits for medical are 80/20. Often times bonuses are given in stock that is worthless, if bonuses are given at all. Central organizations are starved on financial support while BU's feast so don't go to work in a central organization and if you do ask for more money because pay raises will not happen. In some cases employees I've worked with have gone 5 years without pay increases resulting in hiring college students at hire salaries than seasoned employees with track records.

The Good News:

People you work with are very capable professionals. Most work environments are respectful of others which makes the above more workable. Its not the company HR policies that make the place its the people you work with. I would say that most folks are not to happy with HR practices, compensations, and benefit packages. Environments are safe and clean. The company does stress quality, but I'm not sure if they still point to their quality department or their employees to ensure quality. Mixed message there. Leadership in the company varies between departments. Be careful who you work for. Make sure you interview them more than they interview you. You can bounce around the company. Most managers I have now are very capable, understand the problems above and do things out of their own pocket to help take the stress off folks. There are great managers to work for, but its a big company, make sure you take the time to interview them. Can't stress that enough.
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