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From Long Island City — 06/04/2009

First of all, praise and thanks to the Almighty God who is continuing to blees me and all the other co-workers who are thankful of having a job, especially in this time.

I've learnt that in life, no matter where you go and who you may have contact with; they will be disagreements and misunderstandings among persons that you may not appreciate or who might not appreciate you as well. The most disagreeable thing is to try to belittle someone because of their acheivements and recognition for their hard work and dedication. That's a sign of jealousy and greed.

I've learnt that whenever you see someone achieve something, or life is going smoothly for that person, you should always be happy for that person, because there is a God who is willing and just to do the same for you. You don't know what that person's situation is, you just have to pray, trust, and beleive in God to do the same for you. Trust God, when the time is right , he will shower you with his blessings. Just a little advise, whenever a person is being blessed, try to be happy for them, because I can assure you, one day your blessings would be visible and may even be more abundant. I love you and all the other co-workers. Have a prosperous life in Jesus name.
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