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From Gainesville, FL — 01/14/2009

At Naylor, job security was woefully inadequate, as new representatives were given projects that more experienced employees didn't want, which made it more difficult for them to achieve personal goals. Once veteran employees reach their 3rd year with the company, Naylor reduces their financial compensation for every transaction, resulting in a net loss of income. The bonus structure for new employees is significantly different from veteran employees, and the current performance-based bonus system is nearly impossible to attain. Regardless of how small a project is, employees must meet mandatory call volume requirements, even if there are few credible sources from which an employee can obtain leads. While the company does offer upward movement, most sales representatives move into mid-level management positions. Some of the top-level managers are involved in relationships (husband/wife, etc.) with employees on the sales floor, enabling those reps to have insider information on lucrative projects before the rest of the company knows about them. Managers determine which representatives are assigned to each project, so your success is determined by how effective your manager is during closed-door meetings.
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