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4.4Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Cambridge, MA — 09/26/2008

Pros: Everyone in this company is very smart, hard working and passionate about technology. I have not met a single dumb person in entire company and I am constantly learning new things from my coworkers. They encourage professional development and have things like regular technical seminars and technical book library. People are very helpful to each other. I have never met anyone who was not willing to share information with me. I think that they also do a good job promoting hard working people. All of the promotions I have seen were well deserved. The company is constantly trying to better itself and try new processes. If a certain process doesn't work and enough people complain about it they will try something new. They are also not afraid of innovation. The huge plus is flexible work environment and ability to work from home any time you need. The work hours are not bad, it is mostly 9-5 days with occasional crunch times. You get 3 weeks of vacation from start.
Cons: The codebase is a big monster and learning curve is steep. If you are not smart you will not survive. You should be agressive in asking questions, because nobody will hold your hand. I am also not a big fan of "team rooms (bullpens)" concept. People should at least have a private cube if not an office, because they are spending majority of their life at work. Pay and benefits are just average considering how tough the job gets at times. There is no 401K match and no bonus program. They do give stock options to everyone. They could also do a better job with sending people to training.
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