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From Wheeling, IL — 01/27/2009

This is speaking from the Financial Aid (aka Student Finance) department. The position (student finance rep III)was pitched to me in the interview as a non inbound call center, but the in reality it was an inbound call center. You are assigned some tasks but they are really not important in their eyes. As long as you answer phones more than the next person, you are golden.

90% of the students calling this phone line are uneducated, rude, vulgar, aggressive, and impolite. This is a result of the University President marketing primarily to low income students who are lazy and feel they are entitled to everything in life without having to work. The typical student at NLU expects to not work and pay for life with refund checks (student loans). Also, the typical student at NLU chooses to stay in school and collect refund checks so they don't actually have to enter the workforce someday.

Employees at NLU are grossly underpaid for the industry. The internal job opportunity system is corrupt. A candidate is already selected before HR posts the job for all employees to see. You can transfer or move up if someone likes you or if you have connections to people who donate heavily to the University. To get a top spot, you will need connections to people who donate the most to the University.

The student finance department is not a place for long term employment. It is a boiler room. Also, the student finance department is not one in which you can transfer out of someday. Now, the environment in the student finance department is so toxic, the Director of student finance resigned this week.
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