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Job Security4
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Career Growth5
Work Environment3

From Gentry, AR — 05/30/2008

McKee Foods makes Little Debbie snacks and Sunbelt granola products. Overall, a pretty good place to work. (I believe there are now 5 plants, including the Gentry plant.) The pay was pretty high for the area and everybody got an annual salary adjustment. The downside to the pay, everybody in the same job makes exactly the same amount so you don't get merit based raises. The benefits are pretty good and there's an onsite fitness center. There are some bad apples in management who like to play favorites, but you learn who they are rather quickly. The downside on the location, the plant is in a small town so it is a giant gossip mill. Everybody will know your business no matter how well you try to hide it. As for the people, I made some awesome friends while working there, but for the most part I worked with a group of people that could easily be classified as lab monkeys. They were sorta fun to watch but crappy to work with and clean up after. Oh, the place is full of drama queens. There'a at least a handful on each shift and most of them are highly vendictive. It is a family business, so morals are VERY important. People get fired for things like having affairs, especially if the spouse/spouses work there as well. About 3/4 of the employees are related to other employees, so you really need to know who you're talking to if you talk about someone you work with. Since it is a large bakery, you go home smelling like Little Debbie snacks. After a while, you won't want to eat them anymore. If you're addicted to Little Debbie's, working there will cure you.
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