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From mason city iowa — 05/31/2008

Being in the food service department of the school dist is good, at least at the school where I'm at. I do love my job as a "lunch lady" as we used to be called. Athough lunch server or lunch room associate sounds better nowadays! I have great coworkers and managers, and love the kids. This is the perfect job for moms, as we only work the days school is in secisson, and off when school is cancelled for snow days in t he winter. I would like to say lunch still sucks most of the time. I hate serving what I KNOW the kids won't eat or like. Most of it goes in the garbage, what a waste of food, with so many starving around the world. Like peas and carrots, thats on our menu alot, kids DO NOT LIKE peas and carrots, or green beans or salad. The government says we must offer this, but why when they don't eat it anyway? We serve too much fruit cocktail, they don't eat it, along with all the rest of the canned fruit we have to serve. But other than that, it's a good job, and I do have the benefit of IPERS...thats the state retiremnt fund.
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