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From New York — 12/12/2009

With every job, every company - frankly, every endeavor - there are pros and cons. Because I consider myself an optimist, I will list the pros first.
- Extremely knowledgeable and competent colleagues
- Competitive pay
- Fair benefits package
- Despite it's recent well- publicized transgressions, Marsh to continues to enjoy a great reputation in the industry.

Now the negatives.
- Management, in a word, sucks. Actually, I take that back. Calling them managers would imply that the actually manage the employees. The don't. I have never worked for a company where people entrusted to run a group or division do more deflecting, blame-assigning, and covering their own asses than Marsh. Management 101 dictates that upper management puts forth strategic goals, so that middle management could actually to these ideas into practice. What happens at Marsh is kind of like what happens in those old submarine movies - "full speed ahead, aye aye, captn. Full speed ahead it is." "We need to get more clients. Okay, you fools, you need to get more clients. Got it!?" Mr. Manager. could we at least get some tactical direction - which clients, where are they, how do we go about getting them?" Then, if you're dumb enough to ask for some tactical direction, you get smoke blow up your ass about how when they were in my position, they were bringing in dozens and dozens of accounts. Great advice! Thanks, coach.

In short, Marsh still continues to enjoy a great reputation with its clients and within the industry. This is despite of its management.
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