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3.3Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment1

From ct — 05/12/2008

The pay is good and you a bouns check twice a year. You can advance if they think you have the qualifications. But you might up somewhere u do not want to be it fets boring and repetative working in someone's home. If you are trying to help them to rehablilate and they do not want to. So you just sit and watch t.v for 8 hours day after day. It might sound fun and easy for some but it is boring after a few years. Plus it is not lie you are at home. you have to remember you are at work and comfortable. the person you are working with might freeze you out. because their body tempertuare is warm and it is 30 degrees outside. So they do not want to turn on the heat. You might have to cook three meals a day because the person has to eat. But it gets upseting because you are there to assist them to do it. Not actually make three square meals a day for them.
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