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From Lindenhurst , New Yo — 08/19/2008

Let me start by saying that Marine Max is a public company and likes to tell there share holders that they are a company that is very interested in the well being of there employee's. The new york region has been recently aquired by marine max and used to be Surfside 3. Marine max has a very corporate set of rules that they like to run all of there 80 something locations by but have kept all of the management that was in place before the aquisition and allows them to treat employees and customers like second class citizens, because it was a very profitable location prior to the stumble in the economy. The old management keeps corporate insulated from the unhappy staff by berateing you for bringing issues to HR and asking that it be handled without them knowing. Corporate needs to step in and take over by removing the old operators and managers of the company and begin running it by the book the way they preach to everyone that they do and begin appreciating the hard workers that make the places function everyone is tired of hearing that they are not making any money and there will be no overtime and they need to cut back when the managers have company vehicles and cell phones even yachts for there personal use, everyone shows up for work and puts in a full hard day witch proves there is enough work it is just poorly managed.
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