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Learn what employees have to say about Marble Slab pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

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3.8Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Grand Prairie, Tx — 07/09/2008

Pay : It was minimum of the minumum, but come on, you're dealing with ice-cream so it's not like you could expect to make a fortune.

Respect : Everyone is really nice to you for the most part, just don't mess up or you'll get it. The manager was very nice, always greetful.

Benefits : Not that I knew of.

Job Security : Once you got the job, that's it. I was hired on the spot. There's no way to get fired from that place unless you're just asking for it.

Work/Life Balance : This is a hands down part-time job. You have time to do anything you want outside of work, as I was attending college during the time.

Career Potential/Growth : Beginning, it's clear that you are far away from a higher status, but with time if you show the manager that you can just about manage the place on your own, you will become the assisstant manager, and be paid more than everyone else working.

Location : This cremery is right off the interstate so that could prove troublesome to some, my parents would always encourage me to come home before it got too late.

Co-worker Competence : Whatever this means, workers for the most part were helpful. Many times they are troublesome to you as they might refuse to do things that the manager asked them to do, also the assistant manager would tell me to do things over and over a million times again, and there were many occasions in which he would step over me when I was mixing the ice-cream infront of a customer and say repeatedly, "you're too slow". Which was very frustrating to the fact that it was clear he didn't want to give you the time to learn.

Work Environment : The overall worst part of the job is the customers, before you start you are always thinking, "Oh I know I am going to come across some jerks working here" and guess what? You're totally right, they will make you want to pull your hair out. Some don't know what they want, others want more for the price, like it's your fault things are so expensive.

Other Comments:
This is a really easy job and I would say anyone in highschool should definately go for it. Beginning there is nothing too hard to learn, only assisstant managers are the ones who actually make the ice-cream. You are the one who gives ice-cream, and sells it, and cleans up after a hard days work. Also one of the hardest flavors of ice-cream is the infamous sweet cream, which is probably the most favored of ice-cream flavors. So have a fun time with that. Also you will be required to know how to make shakes, smoothies, and the different sizes from the child/senor cup, original, big dipper, pint, and quart. But that's nothing to memorize there's usually a grid hanging off the ceiling that you will point to show the customers what sizes are available. There is lots of controversy involved with hours, many times I was scheduled only to come to the store at 7 to close which is usually about 3 hours, it felt as if I was only put there to come clean up the mess that all the people who were there before made. That's something you'll have to deal with. Overall this isn't a bad job, but like I said there may be a few bumps down the road, depending on who you're working with, and who's fixing your schedule.
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