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Learn what employees have to say about Manhattan Professional Group pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

Reviews of Jobs at Manhattan Professional Group

4.4Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From NY, NY — 07/14/2010

I worked for this company for four and a half years and I have to say that I was treated well. The company has plenty of opportunties for driven people. I am not surprised that many have complained due to the turnover but I am sure they were not the best workers.
I had to move or I would still be working there. It is a very young and exciting enviroment. I have worked at other very boring accounting firms.

MPG was the best job that I have ever had.

I will really miss it!
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3.1Rating Details
Job Security2
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth2
Work Environment4

From NY NY — 10/08/2008

The salesmen there are fantastic sellers and good people in general very easy to get along with very welcoming if they think you'll stick it out (which is fair people normally don't want to waste time with people they don't think will stay). So the co worker competence is high as well as the work environment. The problem is your selling nothing. I can handle selling a product with no direct benefit or even something you don't need or want (that's what most sales are). But here is how MPH's system works. People sign up to process rebates on line for like 200 bucks. So we call those people and first find out how much available credit they have on their credit cards then sell them a package that directly corresponds to the amount of credit they have. The "packages" range from 149 all the way up to 8,0000 by the time I left. The people on the phone just want to process rebates from home or do other home based businesses so you call them up saying your going to be their business adviser and they get real excited because they think your going to help them with their business. So you tell them they also need to protect their personal assets from the company in case they get sued so that's how you find out how much money they have in credit. Then you go over possible tax deductions they could get but pretty much never will because no matter what they do their not processing rebates. Then you tell them about "appointments" they'll get for their money to structure their business like payroll, bookkeeping, business plan and an EIN # and you get them set up with a subchapter S corporation I found out later the appointments are only up sells for other divisions of the company. Even this I was fine with since the commission structure is insane up to 20% on top of your 25,000 base. so if you sell a 7,000 dollar package your making 1,400 instantly (they do take 7% of that for overhead and 10% for retention if someone cancels I have never ever hear of a single employee getting the retention pay back I spoke with a lot of people there) but that doesn't mean you only get 3% I don't want to be misleading to you looking at this job it's 7% of each sale then 10% of that. Your getting a pure 11 to 15% of the sale that is true (I did all the math my first check)I don't know why they don't just tell you that there. It's almost as if companies want to try to screw you in details because they can I mean even 11 to 15% is fantastic.
Job security is very low because they try to push you from the bottom up. you start with no leads at a table then need to make a sale from that and you get like 50 ok leads which I did, you can just push people into giving you a credit card eventually.
From there if you do well you can get on an automatic dialer and are constantly pitching people. So I too was eventually moved into the dialer and I was paid very well for a while. But since there are only so many dialer seats and there are people always coming in to apply your always feeling bottom up pressure from the new kids to take your dialer seat and you'll get moved back down to the no lead table. Career growth is none existant the 5 original people with the company are the managers it's very hard to move up but that's ok they don't tell you about advancement when you go in this is a job to make a large pile of money very quickly. The location was fantastic the 60th floor of the empire state building. you can even get discounted tickets to the top. The hours are rough 10 to 8 and your expected to stay past that every night. The managers threaten you with fines constantly for leaving your seat too long (your expected to order lunch and have it delivered there). Or for saying the wrong things on the phone like saying you will be able to process rebates or your business will be successful or your going to get these tax deductions. The benefits are ok they start the third month your there. I believe it was 150 a paycheck for everything. Looking back i do miss it there especially the money. But I could never go back and call all those hundreds of people each day. It's easy to get a few people excited and take 1000's from their credit cards to get them started in a business that they will never ever need. What's hard is deferring direct question after direct question from these people who really want to make this work and spinning air to get a sale . Your selling nothing calling people randomly who signed up for this for 200 and begging them to pay 1000's to get this business started. I only heard of 3 people I called actually making money from process rebates (12 dollars, 24 dollars, and 38 dollars was what I heard). But that is no where near enough to be able to get access to the tax benefits we claim to be able to potentially provide. You don't need a corporation and we say that on the phone you "want" this service. But the customer doesn't want to pay 3,000 dollars to get this set up either. You have to find dillusional people with money which is difficult because if their stupid they fell for other scams too and won't pay for this. But there are enough suckers out there. There can be a lot of money made as long as you don't mind selling something worthless and then having to resell the product over again when these people try to cancel(which they will when it costs over 2,000 if you think about what the hell you just bought the day before you start to talk yourself out of it) the customer has three days to cancel so it's rough waiting those large sales out and having to check and recheck to make sure their still on board. When I was there I couldn't make it when the new regulations came about about what you could and couldn't say so I quit.I want to say that my values and morals and conscious got in the way but that's not true either. I just couldn't sell the new batch of air they put out. I couldn't screw people over and over again. The money is there...maybe you'll make it....
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