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From philadelphia PA — 04/04/2006

My boss is NUTS. I'm told "costumer service is for the weak, 'my friend'". The bigger tips I get, the more pissed off my douchebag boss gets! I just got him a four star online review based on my service, and he said that "they come for ME, and the FOOD! NOT you, F--- YOU, I could fire you today and there'll be 50 more of you tomorow! I've been here ten years and I'll be here another ten years and I can run this place without ANY of you mother F--K-Rs!"- in front of a full dining room, mind you, within earshot of customers! A regular defended me last week and said that she didn't appreciate the way he addressed his staff (he called me a FAT F--K) in front of her and her 10 year old son, and he said "F--K you, this is my business, I talk to my staff however I want, you B----H! Get the F--K out" Classy, huh?! I'm out like last yesterday's trash! Holy crap, 2 years(!) o'BS ain't worth the money! In two years, for a place that employs less than 10 (kitchen included!), I've seen over 30 people come and go. It's not just me...
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