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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Berkeley, CA — 09/01/2008

Magenta is a really great place to work – but not a great place to sit around and surf the internet while exchanging IM with your friends. The company was started in Berkeley California in 2002 from nothing, and has been very successful in the years since then in bringing high-design ceramics and home goods to the top retailers in the US market. Its products have been featured in numerous nationally-recognized home fashion and decorator publications. It offers exclusive top designer tabletop and home fashions, as well as custom private label products.

Magenta’s dynamic CEO is passionate about her company, has a clear vision about its future, and demands excellence from the staff. She also works harder than anyone else and does not ask anyone to do anything she has not done many times herself. Working for this company offers an excellent opportunity to grow and learn. Many who are looking for a cushy 9-to-5 and arrive without a clue, or with a sense of entitlement quickly leave disappointed, but the company rewards self-starting workers with intelligence, drive and competence. Those employees showing promise are offered opportunities to assume additional responsibility. The company offers access to health care, 401(k), and PTO. Employees are paid commensurate with applicable experience. Slackers need not apply.
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