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From Toledo OH — 05/16/2008

I have been employed with Maclean Flowform for many years. During this time, there have been some issues and problems, but I feel they have handled them better than most employers. I have always been treated with respect and kindness.

Currently, Flowform is suffering with the economy, and the fact that their high running jobs are for trucks (GM) and there sales (fuel price) are down. We do have employees on lay off, however, they are working very hard to bring in new jobs with the hope that it restores some of the employment we have lost. Job security here is no different than with any employer in the US, if you have a nitch market you will do well, if its a commodity not so well, and if you are in the automotive industry like we are, times are real tough, horrible in fact.

This company is struggling now, but it is making the right moves to improve its position in the automotive market and financially. As far as our customer base, our largest customer has named us their second best supplier, and all of our customer's ratings are 90% and above.

This company does care about its employees in fact they strive to keep the plant clean and safe, and have been just recently written about in the Toledo Free Press on our great safety record. BWC has for the last few years nominated Flowform for the Govenor's Excellence in Safety Award.

I like working for MacLean Fogg and Flowform, they treat us with respect, and dignity, review yearly our performance and provide raises if you have done well, regardless of the poor financial results of the company. They have done more for their employees than the company before them and most companies in this country. MacLean Fogg, thank you for providing employment that supports me and my family, thank you for the generous benefits, and thank you for the opportunity where I feel I can make a difference.
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