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Job Security1
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From Bremen — 12/16/2009

I worked for this company over seven years,I helped implement new software,that assisted with daily ordering ,shipping need and cost control.
I feel this company discriminated against me one for being an intelligent female(surrounded by all males) !
In the time I was employed by Maax,they had three GM's,the last GM was an arrongant person,had a genuine dislike for females in an lead role in the business.All my ideas were always squealched by him,and if he thought an idea was worthy he would always take credit for the idea!( I was constantly fighting an uphill battle with this man).
I was asked to attend several different meetings at various locations only to be told by GM I could not go but had to remain in office.
The day I was let go,the GM did not have the intestinal fortitude to actually talk to me he had the production manager and a supervisor(off the production floor) to let me know that my services were no longer needed!!
After I was told that I was no longer needed, I was asked to stay with the company for at least 30 days as a consultant so I could personally train someone for my job responsibilties!!
Just to highlight some of the negative marks I gave this company
Job sercurity... Awful didn't know from one day to the next what type of mood GM was in
CoWorker Competence...One of my coworker would screw up on a daily basis,I was always expected to fix these screw ups,personell file on this individual was at least an inch thick!!
Work Enviroment... Again back to GM and his mood of the day
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