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Learn what employees have to say about Labor Systems pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

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From Everett, Wa — 06/22/2008

Staring pay of 14.00 per hour I thought was great,Until I realized all you have to do which in turn should be starting at 16.00 you are doing payroll,company billing. inputting data of new workers. Then out of no where you get moved to another office and told your job is fine no worries no increase at all for gas much less being there 11 mnths. Managment playes staff against eachother, you call your H/R person and then next thing you are let go. but yet all the while told you are fine.Not to mention the temps you are dealing w/ daily and hearing other co-works as to how they talk to them and if you have to do the same you written up. the place where the offices are in just nasty bad locations ,dirty . there is no room to move up in the company corp is in another state and good luck talking to anyone about some change or a meeting over the phone to where you are scared to say your mind because then the manager makes it seem like you are stupid and know nothing . But yet only one person there listens and respect you and understands totally what you are dealing with but their hands are tied as well. you call the managers boss and his boss and get a blow off like you would not expect.yet this company has had serious issues w/ one. and yet anyone could keep the customers and yet do better w/ employees. as the saying goes you can not train someone for 2 wk in the job and think they got it all then snap when they call w/ questions because you get info from 3 people.
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