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Job Security5
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Work Environment5

From Alhambra, CA — 03/14/2008

How much better can it get then working for the county? Not much!

I have been here for a few years and it is a great place to work at. Yes it can be boring at times but there is always something to do if you are looking for it. Don't get me started on how much room you have to move through out the county. Personally I am an IT guy but I started as a student worker (the lowest form of the employee). After some hard work I became a permanent employee with a bunch of PAID holidays (We get paid for Columbus Day for God sakes!) 2 weeks of paid vacation off the bat and great benefits. I don't know any other place that give you an allowance for insurance, other places usually take it out of your pay check.

I have worked several places before I got a job here and I must say I think I will work for the county for the rest of my "career life". Also no need to get fired here if say a manager does not like you. You pretty much have to do something drastic to get fired from here and everyone I worked with has always been friendly and nice. Great place to work for, and all my friends are jealous! :)
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