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From Manhattan Beach, CA — 10/24/2008

Well, I lasted here for two months and decided to find something different for myself, find more work/life balance; they didn't fire me. This company is very small with less than 10 employees. The turnover rate is high, because of the lack of employees running such a busy company. Most employees are hired and re-trained through their LAC process of operating and doing things and depending on your experience most will be Consultant Assistants when you start. I don't have a whole lot of good or bad things to say, but I would like to put some good pointers to those who want to jump into this company.

Pay: The pay is absolutely great for college grads or people with experience, but it comes with a good deal of work. College grads with little experience can make 40k+ and I think that's only because the company has such a small number of employees that they can afford to pay high.

Respect: This company is run by a husband and wife, they are in total control of every aspect of the business. They are wonderful people, but the wife can have anger management and power-trip issues. There is no other religion in this company except for pure Christianity. If you are of another religion and plan to join this company, be aware that your religion and opinions in anything will not matter. The owners own this company, what they say will stick.

Benefits: No tuition reimbursement and only medical is partially (about $150) paid for, no dental or vision coverage. I am not aware of life insurance or worker's comp. They do provide a 401K plan, but that's only after 6 months of probationary terms are over.

Job Security: This job is very stable, unless you commit an awful crime or do something very horrible then you will get fired. The turnover rate is high, in my opinion, and based on what I've heard so that's why they don't fire you since they're severely understaffed.

Work/Life Balance: Forget about this idea. If the main owner works 70+ hours each week, don't think about working less. Although they do say you don't have to, but generally the more experience and responsibilities they pile on you, you'll have to work more hours in order to finish projects. I wasn't high in the company, but even then I had the pressure that I had to finish before leaving work every day. The majority of the time, I probably come into work every day not knowing when I'll leave.

Career Potential: You can make a lot of money, but everything comes with a price. They may promote you with a their invented title and pay, but essentially you are still a Consultant, no matter how hard you work. They are the owners who will take control of everything and you will never be able to be a manager or anything. So don't depend on running a business, if working for a couple all your life is what you want then go right ahead.

Location: No comment, the office is right on the beach, very pretty, but even if you got a window, you'll never see the nice scenery, because you're always plowing away at work.

Co-worker Competence: Don't worry, these people are extremely bright, they might make you feel inexperience if anything. Though some can be a bit conceited, so beware when you deal with them.

Work Environment: How should I describe this? How about a female owner distracting you with her way of "right" religious talks/political, opinions, a male owner who is cordially nice but micro-manages a lot and tries to check on your every 15-30 min. There will be no space of your own, sometimes you may feel very suffocated. You will most likely work through lunch or eating at your desk, though one positive thing is they generally will buy lunch if they're in the office.

I would say that the training program they boasted about being the best is really not so true. They're great people, but the way they try to teach anyone their method of operation is inefficient. Most employees will never know engineering terms unless you have an engineering degree and without training first off the bat, you're thrown into a pool to learn how to swim. "Use your head and think, learn to do it without asking too many questions" is a typical saying there. If you're looking for a structured training program, you may want to seek other places, because this firm is way too small to train a person to be a consultant, it could take years for you to become one. Think carefully and don't jump at the first good and high salary offer you get.
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