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Working at Koi Auto Parts — Reviews by Employees

Learn what employees have to say about Koi Auto Parts pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

Reviews of Jobs at Koi Auto Parts

3.4Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth2
Work Environment5

From Cincinnati Oh — 09/20/2009

Overall this is a good company, but to start the pay is kinda low for the stuff you have to do. Raises are rare and if you do get on youve been there for 5 yrs, And even then the money still isnt much to live on. Respect is not a problem amongst employees and mangenment it is given and recived. The problem is the customers and the garage accounts who lack respect and treat us like slaves. They talk bad about other employees and disrepected me personally. Benefits are great with 401k and esop as well as great health and dental. Job sercurity is average as long as you do your job and dont get in trouble. Work life balance is hard you work 10 hrs a day everyday and every other saturday but your off every sunday and most holiday so it kinda balances itself out. Carrer growth is very limited the highest you can reach in some stores is counterman, Sometimes nothing at all might just be a driver the whole time. Location varys they have a good amount of stores to work at in the area. Coworker competence is excellent most of my coworkers have been there a long time and know what there doing when it comes to selling parts. The work enviroment is good at the store we have fun and just get our jobs done and then hang out and talk till someone else calls or comes in. But it also sucks sometimes depending on the customers if there rude or not but you'll have that everywhere it just seems worse in autoparts
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