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Working at Kindercare — Reviews by Employees

Learn what employees have to say about Kindercare pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

Reviews of Jobs at Kindercare

4.1Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From San Diego, Ca — 11/12/2008

PAY: I do Ok for myself. I made sure I got what I felt was fair.
RESPECT: I do get respect from everyone..fellow teachers, CD,AD, DM and above. I have been with the company for a few years now and have been given the opportunity to meet many people from corporate.
BENIFITS: I am eligible for all medical, holiday vacation and PTO, 401K and tuition reimbursement. medical could be high depending on which one you get and is it for a family. Mine is.
JOB SECURITY: Everyone could be at risk at losing their job. With caring for children you have to be very careful. Know what you are doing. I feel my job is secured but hey if I mess up and leave a child alone, or feed a baby the wrong bottle then I am going to lose my job.
Work/Life: I give 2 weeks notice on a day off and I get it signed OK. If I have to call out they ask me to call later to let them know how I am and will I be able to return the next day. We do have meetings and they are important to have. We are paid OT for them. Dinner is provided and we have enough notice.
Career growth. I believe if YOU want it then yes there is potential. You might need more education but with any career you do what you need to.
Location is fine and so is our work environment.
The co workers are great!!
We always get our breaks...maybe an hr after getting to work but that is OK. Check the labor law. That is done only when very necessary. We move children at the end of the day so we can close rooms and disinfect. We have cleaners in nightly so we clean the toy,etc. Teachers are in their own room except when we were very very low with enrollment..during the summer. Even then we kept all of preschool open 2 days a week so teachers could work in their own room. We also took turns on what room to work in. When you only have under 24 children of course combining is going to happen. We didn't have the enrollment! We understood and got through it. Had great tour nights and raised our numbers!! If you are being mistreated..not getting breaks...having to spend your own money on supplies then go through the proper chain of command..CD..then DM then your regional VP.Get others involved...just don't go to a website and complain. It wont I am so happy about the kindercare I work for!! There are good ones out there and we love all of our children and give them the very best care. Best wishes....
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3.6Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Cleveland, OH — 10/29/2008

I worked at KinderCare for 4 months, and I absolutely loved it, although it has some definite short-comings.

Pay - I started at 8.50 per hour, which isn't bad seeing as how I was fresh out of high school with barely any work experience. You're definitely not paid enough for all the crap you take, though, but that's to be expected in childcare.

Respect - If you do a good job with the kids and take care of everything that has to be done in your room, you're fine. Co-workers are lovely, and my center director was great. The worst part about this job is the parents, because they WILL treat you like crap even though you're essentially raising their kids. Also, the regional manager and anyone higher up was horrible. They're very corporate and cost-cutting.

Benefits - Not the best, but not horrible, either. Medical, dental, vision after 6 months. Tuition reimbursement if you're considering a degree in ECED. Paid holidays and time off.

Job Security - This depends on enrollment, which essentially depends on your center director and a lot of other things out of your control. If enrollment drops dramatically (as mine did), they'll still try to keep all employees by drastically cutting hours or sending you to other centers periodically. If enrollment is still low, floaters will go first. If you're doing a good job and enrollment is high, you can stay forever. I had only been working for 4 months when I turned in my notice, and they actually gave me an offer to stay on part-time, not because they needed me but because I was doing a great job and I genuinely loved the kids. I love KinderCare for this reason.

Work/Life Balance - Evenings and weekends off, with flexible-ish scheduling if you give them enough notice.

Career Potential - Not much. If you work there long enough and get enough support from your management and express an interest in advancing, you might get to train to be a Center Director. But that's most likely the farthest you'll ever get.

Location - Throw a stone, and you're bound to hit a KinderCare.

Co-worker Competence - Except for one girl that was dumber that anyone I've ever met, my co-workers were great. Everyone was very supportive and fun to be around.

Work Environment - I loved it! Basically, you play with little kids all day and hang around with awesome people. It can get a little hectic (especially if you're working in the toddler room), but overall it's more fun than any desk or retail job.

Overall, I'd recommend KinderCare for someone that really loves kids and has outstanding amounts of patience. It's not the best job, but it is fun and you meet some awesome children and co-workers. =)
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