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Working at Jimmy Johns — Reviews by Employees

Learn what employees have to say about Jimmy Johns pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

Reviews of Jobs at Jimmy Johns

4.4Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From SC — 10/04/2010

Pay: Pay is determined on your growth as an employee. Drivers earn less since they make more tips than in-shop employees.

Respect: Everyone recieves the respect they deserve my general manager and the owner are great people.

Benefit: Free sub or discount sub. I work part-time so no real benefits.

Job Security: If you do your job right, then you will keep your job.

Work/Life Balance: My boss is very understanding of people's own lives. If I need a day off It is always possible. If I get sick all I have to do is call. I am a college student and my boss works around my schedule.

Career Potential/Growth: Employees can become PICs, Assistant Mangers, Managers, and GMs.

Location: Site is near college so very good business.

Co-work Compentence: My co-workers are very lively and empathetic. Will do anything for you and are willing to help train you until you know it by heart. Drama is at every workplace.

Work Enviroment: Our Jimmy John's is always completely clean. We clean almost every hour and make sure our site is spotless. Everyone shares DBL's, cleaning checklist items, and roles in preparation.
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3.4Rating Details
Job Security2
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Champaign, IL — 03/08/2010

Pay: I make 6.00 an hour as a driver + 5% of what I deliver + tips. I work 30 hours or so a week and make roughly 400 a week net pay, which isn't bad for a part time college student.

Respect: Employees respect you and as long as your fast most customers respect you too. Of course someone isn't going to be happy if your company advertises freaky fast delivery and it took you over 30 minutes to get there.

Benefits: Other than being paid, they don't really exist. They don't even offer direct deposit.

Job Security: It's fast food, your replaceable. It helps to be friends with the managers, but they only fire you if you do something wrong. I think the turnover rate is high because anybody can walk in there and get a job. At the stores I work at, the core employees are still there from when I started. Lots of forgettable faces because they just weren't cut out for it. It's a job so treat it as one and it will be secure.

Work/Life Balance: As a driver in my store you have as much work/life balance as you want when you tell them what you can work. Our store re-does the scheduling 2-3 times a year I think so if your working too much it's going to be 4-6 months before they can change the schedule unless they hire someone else who wants to work your shifts.

Career Potential/Growth: Seems like where I work there is an immense amount of potential/growth. They really want to get you up to a P.I.C.(person in charge) or an assistant as long as you are competent and hard working.

Location: I work at two locations in town actually. One mon-fri and another on sat. Both locations are fun to be in for the most part. Obviously as a driver there are bad neighborhoods and good ones. The one I work at on Saturday is the campus one and it's a blast if you ask me.

Co-worker Competence: Most of the people I work with are pretty well trained. I attribute this to the fact we work in the town that the Jimmy John lives in and he can pop in at any time so the managers make it a point to make sure that his/her employees are well trained.

Work Environment: Pretty laid back if you ask me. I love the job still after 9 months.

Other: With Jimmy in town I feel like I work in some of the best ran stores that the franchise has to offer and it shows. Both the stores I work at did over a million last year (I know for a fact one did and am unsure but pretty sure the other one did as well). The stores here are ran just as Jimmy intends them to be ran and we deliver to the corporate office multiple times a day. The secretaries are awesome there, money ready for the order so it's driver in and driver out (wish more companies in our delivery range did that). Busy locations = not a lot of down time which in the end makes the job less boring. Overall very happy with my job at Jimmy John's so far, don't work here if you expect it to be a blow off job though.
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