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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Chicago — 03/23/2007

JGSullivan Interactive is a great place to work. The pay is competitive, especially if you are a star performer. Most of the time they hire excellent people and they stay on for years. If you're not good, you won't last long. Benefits include periodic training, an education benefit, 401K and generous Paid Time Off policy. They work with some big clients like John Deere, Whirlpool, Michelin, and large ad agencies, so there are times (as in any service business) when you're expected to put in some long hours. They balance that with flexibility to work from home, stay home with a sick child, sending you to a nice place for training or a conference. These folks have innovated in a number of areas online: adbuilders, print on demand, database driven websites, highly variable 1to1 email, and various commerce models that are best in class. Respect and job security are totally dependent on how good you are and what value you bring to the clients. It's a group of high performers, so the people that stay here thrive in that environment. I've seen a number of people hired in at one position but grow and be promoted into higher positions because they took the initiative. It's a self starter environment that rewards skill and initiative. Your current job position doesn't have to confine you. Unlike a large company with many layers and decision makers determining your fate, this place is one where excellent people can largely rise to their potential. The office is in a great spot in River North close to everything. They also have an office in South Bend, IN where the company was founded in 1955.
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