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From Tempe, AZ — 08/26/2010

I have seen many negative reviews of Jabil Tempe in particular and I disagree. Jabil has done a very good job since taking over the plant from Varian. Varian was less strict about headcount (we actually used to have people at the end of a wave machine, just "catching" boards, what a waste!) This actually made us less price competitive against other companies and I think Jabil was looking in the interests of profitability and set ourselves up better for the future. We make more profit now than we did as Varian and thus better job security in a market where so many customers choosing to oursource overseas. And with the tough economic situation in 09, lots of good people who did know their job very well were let go and that was tough to see, but I think we saw that around the country.

One thing is for sure though, you will need to spend some considerable time at the office. I don't believe so much in that you need to be in the "boys club" to move up... but people who want to leave at 3pm, complain out loud and are seen as having a negative attitude or always "going against the grain" of management will not last long.

Career advancement is fairly easy at Jabil if you get the idea. You can't just do your job very well to get promoted... I heard one manager told me "You should be so good at your job, that you spend half of your day doing your job and half of your day doing your bosses job." So many people I've seen say "That's not my job" and that's it for them, you just took yourself out of the running for a promotion. I know many people are afraid of being abused by the company but I have never ever in 6 years seen someone go above and beyond at their position and not be rewarded for it within 3 months or so. Jabil is a HUGE promote from within company. But don't expect to get a promotion unless you've proven that you can handle at least a part of the job you are applying for. I'm sure this system seems strange for some people but if you're a go-getter you can get promoted every year or two.

All in all, I love Jabil. I am not in the "in-club" as they say but I have still seen success through really working hard and asking to learn and do more, and been promoted 3 times in 2 years, with no college degree. By the way, this company is for the most part OK with not having a degree, they don't really even ask about it compared to some companies. I am now in a top management position after starting at the bottom 6 years ago, through many management changes (almost 100% turnover) in that timeframe.

Jabil has locations around the world and you can also seek advancement through application to other Jabil sites. They also will consider a candidate from another Jabil facility before hiring from outside the company. People move in and out of different Jabil sites all the time and it is a good strategy to help build the company from within.

Bottom line: if you prove you can do the job, you WILL get it. Be eager and be willing to learn (not saying you have to suck up, just say "Hey I want to learn about this.") Having a strong and positive personality will get you very far. If you want to leave at 3pm every day or don't want to learn anything new or take on any additional responsibility unless you're promoted up front, you will be in your same position for a very long, long time.
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